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Pass Duo

‘Just the two of us… Whether you’re a couple or ski partners, if you buy together you’ll save 10€ on your 6 day 3 Valley lift pass. Discover the Pass Duo…

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Pass Tribu

Skiing in a group of 3 or more? Family and friends: join together and save 15€ on your 6 day 3 Valley lift pass. Discover the Pass Tribu…

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Pass Famille

Having children can actually save you money! With a Family Pass, everyone pays the child rate. Families: 2 parents + 2-7 children (5/-18 ans). Discover the Pass Famille…

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Monday, August 26

Большое катание и солнечный крем!

Trend of the day to 4100m Altitude

Прогноз погодыВоскресенье 25 августа 2019

7 km/h 11°C 1450m
10 km/h 3°C 2700m

ENNEIGEMENTВоскресенье 25 августа 2019

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Дата последнего снегопадаЧетверг 4 апреля 2019

1450m 0cm
2700m 0cm

_PISTES_Понедельник 26 августа 2019

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0 / 26
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