OPEN PARK Snowpark

Want to discover freestyle sensations without being afraid?

The DC AREA 43 snowpark welcomes you in the ROOKIES area: large boxs, small jumps, little half-pipe...

Discover these particular sensations of freestyle in an area dedicated to your progression!

Extreme freestyler, welcome to your paradise!

Drope in the big half-pipe, fly on the hip, work on your style on the big kickers, try your new pop in & pop-out on the rails...

Ride the DC AREA 43, international snowpark known for it's varied and creative features, its line in constant evolution: because your progression should never stop!

Access : with the Plattières gondola - 10min rotation with the Chatelet chairlift.


Wednesday, February 19

Сегодня пудровый снег !

Trend of the day to 1100m Altitude

Прогноз погодыВторник 18 февраля 2020

5 km/h -4°C 1450m
20 km/h -12°C 2700m

ENNEIGEMENTВторник 18 февраля 2020

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Дата последнего снегопадаВторник 18 февраля 2020


1450m 85cm
2700m 190cm

_PISTES_Среда 19 февраля 2020

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