The Allues librarary is open throughout summer and has 15,000 books to satisfy all tastes. Located at Maison des Générations, you will find, amongst other things, all genres of novels (including the latest), cartoon strips, children's books, magazines and books on local culture, heritage and architecture.

Various membership packages are on offer: weekly, perfect for those on holiday, for the summer for seasonal residents and for the year for permenant residents. The library is open three days per week in the summer.

Reader friends, you know where to go when the weather is bad!


Thursday, December 05

Сегодня пудровый снег !

Trend of the day to 1700m Altitude

Прогноз погодыЧетверг 5 декабря 2019

10 km/h -2°C 1450m
11 km/h -8°C 2700m

ENNEIGEMENTЧетверг 5 декабря 2019

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Дата последнего снегопадаПонедельник 2 декабря 2019

1450m 25cm
2700m 80cm

_PISTES_Четверг 5 декабря 2019

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