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You have decided to spend your holidays at Méribel? Very good choice! Upon arriving, do you realise that you are missing some equipment or materials? Don't panic! There are about ten sport shops open throughout the season at the resort! There is a large selection of materials, for adults and children, to buy or hire : skis, boots, snowboards, snowshoes, poles, etc...

Find the very best mountain clothing in the stores: trousers, jackets, ski suits, sock liners and warm clothing...

Choose amongst the best accessory brands which are essential when practising mountain sports (hats, helmets, glasses, gloves, backpacks...).

Prepare yourself to face the cold and tackle the slopes!

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Сегодня мы бсе ёжики в тумане!

Погода в полдень на высоте 1800 метров

Четверг 19 октября 2017

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