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Whether you are permenant or seasonal residents at the resort, and you wish to complete some adjustments or works in your apartment or chalet? There are no shortages of artisans at Méribel to satisfy your requirements!

Do you have a heating, electricity or plumbing problem? The resort's specialists are ready to help you! Do you have a home decoration project? Decorators and interior designers on-site are ready to help you. For outdoor projects (terraces, balconies, etc.) or extensive work outdoors, carpentery artisans public works companies in the valley are at your service.

Give in... Your chalet will thank you!

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Сегодня мы бсе ёжики в тумане!

Погода в полдень на высоте 1800 метров

Четверг 19 октября 2017

1450 m 2700 m
0 cm 0 cm




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